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Working in Corporate America doesn't have to hurt!


Like the "OMG, this is too hard and too much work, I'll just settle for the job I have and not the job I WANT" kind of pain.

Hey, I get it!

Updating a resume can feel like banging your head against a brick wall repeatedly.

And networking....well that comes with its own issues. Standing around in a crowded lounge full of strangers, with a glass of Moscato in one and balancing business cards in the other is like the modern-day equivalent of the medieval torture chamber.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

In fact, this process can be super simple and easy when you know what you're doing. I believe knowledge is power, so let me share what I have learned from my experience working at Mercedes-Benz and beyond.

And what I've learned is that people hire folks they, know, like, and trust. Cool jobs and six-figure salary offers just don't fall out the sky. Your network = your net worth, so it's super important to know how to build relationships the right way.

If you need help in this department (and who couldn't benefit from a few tips, right?), check out 4 Strategies for Networking Like a Pro! I can be your mentor and guide you towards success.

I know you want more. You know you want more. Heck, you know you deserve more! So what's stopping you?

I know change is scary, but the only thing scarier than change is regret. Take the first step and download 4 Strategies to Networking Like a Pro.

Learn The 4 Simple Strategies for Networking Like a Pro That Will Help You Get on the Path to Landing the Job of your Dreams!

  • Learn the 4 Networking Strategies You Can Start Using Today

    There is more than one way to network.  Discover the right questions to ask to break the ice without any of those awkward pauses!

  • Start Building Your Network Immediately

    Your network= your net worth $. Learn how to build a community that can help you gain leverage in your career.

  • Find Your Mentor

    Learn how to find your mentor, and find out the KEY to building that relationship and making it stronger in the future!

Download Your Free Gift: 4 Strategies for Networking Like a Pro

Networking can be scary!  But the only thing scarier than networking is regret!  Download this FREE PDF to take the first step towards changing your career.

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See What My Amazing Clients Have to Say

In early 2013, I was at a crossroads, both professionally and personally. Ashley spent a few hours with me helping to unlock my likes, dislikes; strengths and areas that could be improved. Her objective approach provided so much clarity. I went from a stumbling, entry-level news producer to a senior level producer within 2 years. I am also on-air in Charlotte, NC which is something I hadn't considered until I began working with Ashley. She also expanded my horizon in the communications field as a blogger, with one of my articles mentioned on USAToday.com

Tyler Young
Tyler Young

I owe my current position to Ashley Gary-Roper! She coached me from the resume and cover letter writing to interview preparation and attire. I felt more confident when I walked into the door for my interview. Choosing Ashley Gary-Roper to assist me was one of the best decisions that I've ever made.

Crystal Starkes
Crystal Starkes